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Hardwater Stain Removal

Superglass specializes in getting those ugly, persistent hard water stains to disappear. Our work is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.


For Glass & Chrome Trim

Our special polishes can remove hard water stains from your vehicle, whether it’s on a glass surface or your chrome trim. When we’re finished, you’ll never know it was even there.


Fast Service

We’re a mobile service – we come to you. A typical hard water stain removal takes 30 minutes or less – saving you time and money. Same-day appointments are available.


Save Money

Replacing vehicle glass or chrome trim is time-consuming and expensive. Our repairs are a fraction of the cost. Reach out today and schedule an appointment.


Claudia is the best! I used her for both Range Rovers that I purchased over the years and she did a great job.!!! I highly recommend her!! Very professional and on time.. she deserves more than a five star for sure!

Earl H.

I’ve used SuperGlass for all my windshield repairs. They're on time, professional and quality work … highly recommended

Iamont R.

Claudia has serviced our location for years, and we have never had any issues. Claudia and those that work with her are very professional and extremely easy to work with. Always makes sure everything is done in an effective and quick way to keep us happy and are customers. Will recommend to anyone!!! Give them a call

Jonathan C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Won't I save money just getting my windshield replaced?

No, repairing a windshield costs a fraction of replacement. In fact, many insurance companies will waive your deductible and pay for the repair directly.

Which is faster, repairing or replacing a windshield?

Repair is much faster, and convenient. A stone shot can be repaired in just about any environment, mobile or in-shop, with no degradation of glass quality.

How can you save us $100's?

Most modern windshields contain sensors that control functions of the vehicle. When you replace a windshield, those sensors must be recalibrated. This alone can cost $600+, not including the cost of the new windshield. Our service cost a fraction of this, and we guarantee our work.

Do you guarantee your work?

We guarantee the quality of our repair work. If you feel the repair isn’t to your satisfaction, or that you can see a disturbance in the repaired glass, we won’t charge you for the work.

Isn’t it true that a brand new windshield will help me sell my vehicle, rather than just repairing it?

Not typically. Because of inferior windshield products often used by windshield replacement shops, you could actually decrease the value of your vehicle. A repair, however, leaves the windshield and its seal intact, only repairing the area that needs fixing.

Why is a repair safer than a replacement?

No windshield is quite as safe as the original. With a repair, we don't need to remove the seals and potentially reduce the effectiveness of the OEM glass in your vehicle. Filling a crack is far safer, and allows you to drive away immediately following the repair.

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